Facade light boxes (backlit sign)

The most affordable backlit sign is made using light box technology. With a professional design development, outwardly, it will not be inferior to curly elements.

Backlit sign or 3D letters?

Volumetric letters and curly illuminated elements have become the standard of a beautiful expensive signboard in the perception of store owners. Meanwhile, the Elite outdoor advertising agency can prove that an ordinary illuminated sign, which is part of the front entrance group, is not inferior to more expensive advertising structures.
By contacting our designers, you will be able to implement a bright and attractive design and achieve maximum efficiency in the design of the facade. AA «Elite» can implement any form of outdoor advertising, but we do not neglect budget solutions either.
They may not be inferior in visual perception to the manufacture of expensive advertising structures. Low cost is not at all proportional to low efficiency. Conventional solutions provide the same wide audience reach. In addition, more complex signs of various formats increase the cost of installation and the final cost of products.
If you are interested in shoppers walking the streets during the daytime, then a regular backlit sign is sufficient. The facade plane can be decorated using advertising posters, window dressing and banner extensions. Outdoor advertising agency «Elite» can provide a full range of services.

How to order a facade light box?

When ordering a sign, you need to decide on its size. Backlit outdoor advertising made using the light box technology, the cost depends on the size and total area of ​​the product. Also, the price is influenced by the installation and its complexity, the use of special equipment and the availability of electricity. In fact, each order for the production of advertising structures is individual, so the final cost of the order can be changed as agreed with the customer.