Installation of lightboxes on floors 2-5

The proposed installation of lightboxes on floors 2-5 implies the use of manipulators. This method of installation minimizes the risks of injury to craftsmen and improves the quality of work.

Installation of lightboxes of increased complexity

Installation of lightboxes on floors 2-5 can only be carried out by an experienced professional using special equipment. AA «Elite» does not recommend to independently install outdoor advertising and signs above the 1st floor.
In Kiev, our company offers to carry out the installation at the most loyal prices. The teams carry out installation work, and production of advertising structures in Kiev. The method of fastening and the development of the design usually takes into account all structural features. Our signs withstand hurricane gusts and snow loads. The electrical connection is well protected and does not cause short circuits.
In addition, the specialists have extensive experience in installing signage in various formats. The features of the review, as well as the ways of connecting the power supply, are taken into account when mounting work for outdoor advertising with backlighting is carried out.

How to order installation of lightboxes on floors 2-5

The service is offered as a supplement to ordering products, as well as for updating promotional items. Also, our company can help you with the installation or reinstallation of advertising products from other manufacturers. The quality is guaranteed.