Interwindow lightboxes

The offered interwindow lightboxes are usually included in the entrance group and form a single composition with the facade advertising structure. Allows to place information blocks.

Make the most of your advertising facade

Outdoor advertising is not limited to the usual signs. Even round and square lightboxes, so familiar to passers-by, can be done outside the box. It depends not only on the development of the design. The production of advertising structures in Kiev and other cities is limited by the requirements of the city department of architecture, but there is still room for creativity.
AA «Elite» offers signboards of various formats. Thanks to non-standard solutions, high advertising efficiency is achieved. Some of them can be located in the front openings between the windows or in the windows at the request of the customer. These solutions can be implemented as non-illuminated stands or light boxes. On the walls, you can place curly signs or volumetric letters with backlight, but they are not very informative.
At the same time, interwindow lightboxes allow you to simplify the design of shop windows, taking on all the information load of your store.

How to order an interwindow lightbox

This type of light boxes is somewhat reminiscent of advertising posters, so the preparation of an informational or visual concept must be approached with all responsibility. In fact, a lightbox in a window opening can be of any shape. But our outdoor advertising agency, based on experience, offers just ordinary light boxes with a low price.
They can be a carrier of corporate identity, slogan, logo or contain a description of services. By staying at eye level with passers-by, the interwindow lightbox provides a wide audience reach.
Contact our outdoor advertising agency for a comprehensive entrance lobby design if you want to get the most out of your advertising investment.