Pavement sign

The portable pavement sign is very popular with salons, offices and cafes. At a low price, it shows high efficiency and literally «stops» passers-by who pay attention to the design.

DIY pavement sign – better to order

If large companies place orders for entrance groups for their outlets, then small stores can limit themselves to a small lightbox and a portable pillar from our range of outdoor advertising. This outdoor advertising and signage is enough for a pastry shop, bakery, cafe or salon. The pavement sign performs the tasks of an information carrier and is a mobile structure.
Of course, the pavement sign can be made independently by gluing a film on the plastic. But it is better to attract professionals for these purposes so that the expected difficulties do not arise in the process of manufacturing the advertising structure. Outdoor advertising agency «Elite» offers its comprehensive services and guarantees low prices for budget products. Our company undertakes the development of design, production and installation for facade and free-standing signs.
We also offer analogs of external pillars – these are front and traditional citylights. They are useful for those companies that cannot make a large sign. The product made using the light box technology can be placed on the lawn and provide the required high advertising efficiency. If you look at the task outside the box, then an analogue of a citylight pillar can be supplemented with volumetric letters with backlight.
As a budget addition to mobile structures, AA «Elite» offers advertising posters in the windows. When combined, they will provide a fairly wide coverage of potential customers.

How to order a pillar sign?

To order a pillar, it is enough to contact AA «Elite» and contact us through the contact form. The outdoor advertising agency fulfills orders for any form of signage, but also carries out budget products in the shortest possible time.