Sign «Open/Closed» in the corporate style

A set of decoration for the facade of a store, salon or cafe includes a small product. This is the «Open/Closed» sign for a corporate style glass door.

Features of the development of the design of the plate «Open/Closed»

It would seem that everything is very simple. This plate should contain basic information. But in advertising practice, the «Open/Closed» sign is a full-fledged carrier of outdoor advertising and complements signs and other production of advertising structures.
Our outdoor advertising agency usually offers this product in combination with window and door decoration. When the design of a store, salon and cafe has a finished look, in this case, the advertising structure provides a wide coverage of potential customers and high efficiency.
AA «Elite» carries out work on the manufacture of all forms and types of signs, with or without illumination. Important budget additions are also offered, for example, advertising posters in the windows, various signs, pedestals and pillars. Taken together, these types of low-cost advertising items can complement a small lightbox signage and attract clientele well at a low cost of ordering such an advertisement.
A sign from an outdoor advertising agency always takes into account a number of indicators. For example, the installation is not only focused on obtaining a reliable advertising structure, but is also located by specialists in order to ensure a wide audience coverage.

How to order the «Open/Closed» sign

Typically, such a plate is the carrier of the corporate identity. We recommend ordering it after developing the design of the entrance group in the kit or if you have a brand book. Come to AA «Elite» to make a memorable facade of your institution, office or store. We make signs in various formats and can help promote services at the point of sale.