Signboard from neon Coffee Shop (Coffee/Tea, Kava)

The custom-made neon sign Coffee Shop (Coffee/Tea, Kava) is suitable for decorating the interiors of cafes and restaurants, as well as the facades of establishments.

Standard sign under the order – low price and any shape

The product is mainly used for interior advertising, when it is required to create more lighting effects that attract the attention of the clients of the HORECA establishment.
High-quality outdoor advertising in combination with the interior design of a restaurant or cafe allows, through the manufacture of advertising structures, to ensure high efficiency of promotion of services. The agency for outdoor advertising in Kiev «Elite» offers the development of design and signboards of various formats. For large orders within the framework of promotions, installation is included in the price of the product.
Similar neon signs are used to decorate shop windows. They replace expensive light boxes and can be used in place of backlit volumetric letters. The interior of the cafe is well complemented by advertising posters and other advertising media. Despite its compact size, the Coffee Shop neon sign (Coffee/Tea, Kava) is perfect for facade decoration and provides a wide audience coverage thanks to its bright backlighting.
Neon outdoor advertising consumes little electricity.

How to order a neon sign

This type of product is offered by AA «Elite» as a product made according to finished shapes and sketches. At the same time, customers can choose the size, design, number of colors of the neon used. This approach allows you to see an example of products before agreeing on a technical layout, as well as to make a unique design for your establishment.
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