Square lightbox

Due to its simpler shape, the square lightbox has a lower cost than its round counterpart. At the same time, this type of outdoor advertising attracts the attention of passers-by well.

Square lightbox instead of backlit sign

The production of advertising structures differs in that when decorating the facade, you can choose any promotional means and even save good money on their production. If your store relies on customers in the daytime, then a regular sign with no backlight is sufficient. But as a place indicator in the dark, a budget square lightbox can be used. It attracts the attention of potential customers well due to the end-mount.
Design development allows you to achieve the maximum effect and high efficiency of such advertising. The lightbox is made using the technology of a backlit light box. Simple installation allows you to fix it on the first and second floor. Looks great in a composition with window dressing. And even partly to attract attention, it replaces three-dimensional letters. Advertising posters in the interwindow space will allow you to notify potential customers about the range of services you provide.
If you have a small cafe or boutique, this type of light boxes can completely replace other outdoor advertising and fully fulfill the tasks of a sign.

How to order a square lightbox?

When ordering, you must select the appropriate size typically, these products are manufactured in a standard form factor and are manufactured in specific dimensions. The cost will be influenced by the installation of the advertising module. When installed on the 2nd floor, the price rises sharply due to the use of special equipment.
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