Two-way citylights

Two-sided citylights, which are considered to be an excellent means of advertising for shops, cafes and offices located outside the first line, have proved themselves well in advertising.

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The manufacture of advertising structures can be performed taking into account several form factors – on one or two supports. Installation is carried out with the permission of the architecture department in a designated place. In Kyiv, AA «Elite» can perform turnkey work, including documentation and installation.

Take the design of commercials seriously

If you have a shop, restaurant or office that offers services to the public, outdoor advertising and facade design should be well thought out. This is necessary to attract customers and their interest before the moment they enter the room.

To make it easier to choose, our company offers standard signs to order. In this case, the customer can choose the design of the advertising plane and the size of the structure. If the development of sign design is performed by experienced professionals, then in the aggregate of signs of different formats of the pre-trade zone will provide a wide audience.

Outdoor advertising agency «Elite» produces light boxes, three-dimensional letters, billboards, two-sided city lights, decorates entrance groups and shop windows. Advertising structures can be mobile and stationary. Outdoor advertising can be used for interior design.

With a comprehensive approach, we achieve high efficiency of advertising promotion.

How to order a citylight

Citylight is a light box on a strong metal frame. The backlit stand can be made using solar panels. He can perform the tasks of an informlist or a pointer. Very well two-sided citylight works in combination with a front sign, three-dimensional letters and neon decorations. As an alternative, it is proposed to decorate shop windows with advertising posters. These can be made designs or pop-up banner stands. You can order products on our website, making an accurate calculation of the price during registration.

At the complex order our agency of outdoor advertising can give the lowest price for a design. We produce outdoor advertising of any form. Call if you are interested in an individual discount.