Production of advertising surfaces and outdoor advertising in the style of COVID-19

Production of advertising surfaces and outdoor advertising in the style of COVID-19: protective screens

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the organization of public space. In particular, special partitions have become one of the conditions for the work of sanitary inspection bodies for restaurants, cafes and offices serving customers. The production of advertising surfaces and outdoor advertising now includes one more item – these are protective screens.

Защитные экраны в итальянском ресторане

Products are made of acrylic with a structure holder. Its main task is to separate the nearby people with a transparent screen. As practice has shown, it was the means of protection that made it possible to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.

Protective screens for cafes and restaurants

RA “Elite” can offer a full range of services for the production of advertising surfaces and outdoor advertising in Kiev. One of the activities is interior decoration and interior advertising. It can functionally be combined with protective screens, which can become carriers of advertising information. In this case, the production of advertising surfaces is carried out in combination with partitions that are installed in the room.


Защитные экраны в кафе
Safety screens in a cafe

But, in general, protective screens for restaurants and cafes are tabletop products made of transparent acrylic. Also, protective screens can be used in the work to separate one table and the campaign of visitors from other people.

Protective screens for offices

After the pandemic, everyone has become more responsible about the possibility of the spread of viruses. This means that at the slightest sign of any viral disease, you need to wear a mask. But not in all cases they provide the necessary protection.

Защитные экраны для общественных зон
Protective screens for public areas, offices and financial institutions

In this case, office transparent partitions will help, protecting individual workplaces and the reception area. Desktop mobile screens can be used in conference rooms, and with a handle mount – in cinemas. In the production of advertising planes, they can become a carrier of advertising.

Our outdoor advertising agency can perform interior design work with protective screens. This service is especially in demand among financial institutions that work with clients through their branches. Transparent walls can become carriers of advertising and harmoniously blend into the already existing interior and its design.

Protective screens for public areas

Public areas can be equipped with protective walls and screens to reduce the likelihood of the spread of viral infection. Products can be realized as mobile structures or statically fixed during installation.

What else can be used to organize space

For the division and organization of space, the outdoor advertising agency “Elite” offers large-format lightboxes – luminous columns, walls and tunnels. Banner designs can be used for the same purposes.

Изготовление рекламных плоскостей
Production of advertising surfaces as space dividers

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