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Signboard repair services
in Kyiv

Dismantling damaged signs

You can order dismantling of a damaged signboard as a separate service from AA «Elit». At the same time, our team will save the structural elements of the sign suitable for reuse.

Production of signs from secondary materials

Our agency can use dismantled construction elements and plastic to make a new sign.

Replacement of outdoor advertising elements

You can replace the film on the signboard, repair the damaged one, Ukrainianize the Russian signboard and make a second repair of the signboard at AA «Elit».

High-rise installation of signs

We can install a sign on any floor. For this, special equipment is used and specially trained personnel work. Payment for such work is made on an hourly basis, which does not include standard repair of the sign.

Warranty for repair of signs

AA «Elit» offers repair of signs with a guarantee. In the specified period, our installation teams will update the sign due to warranty damage at the expense of the agency (conditions in the warranty card).




Why is the sign still being repaired?

Sign repair is a real economy

AA «Elit» offers to repair signs in a creative way, introduces fashionable options and treats advertising as a real tool for promoting the company.

If you want to save money, but renew the sign, as well as repair the damage and cover it with an oracle, then you can repair the sign with improvements. In this case, depending on the features, the sign may be dismantled or it may be dispensed with.

What can be done? First of all, you can add volume elements or replace volume letters. Including to perform the Ukrainianization of signs. After a certain time, any outdoor advertising needs to be pasted with an oracle, which we carry out in Kyiv.

In some cases, repair of the structure, replacement of guides, repair of electricity or replacement of LEDs is required. In wartime or after bad weather, plastic replacement or complete restoration of the sign is required.

All these works are carried out by our agency at affordable prices by the hands of experienced masters, so that the sign of a store, cafe or office will please you. We also offer seasonal pasting of shop windows and installation of automation on the signboard.

Our team works in Kyiv during wartime!