Крышная рекламная конструкция на кафе Hesburger, Дарница, Киев

Roof advertising construction: universal sign

Roof advertising construction: manufacturing features

It must be said that the roof advertising construction can be installed not only on the roof of a multi-storey bank building, but also on relatively small separate premises of cafes, shopping centers and shops. An example of such a solution is shown in the title photo for this article. The benefits are obvious. Such a sign looks great in the dark, attracts passers-by from afar, and is also perfectly visible in the daytime. In a dark version, it harmoniously looks against the background of not only blue, but also an overcast sky.

Roof advertising construction and signboard – what are the differences

Formally, a roof advertising structure differs from a signboard in the way it is installed and manufactured. But, in fact, this is the same signboard, made of three-dimensional letters, mounted on a metal frame, providing its “transparency”, with backlighting. In the manufacture of a roof structure, its weight, size and the so-called windage, which will affect the frame holding the three-dimensional letters, are taken into account.

The calculation of loads is carried out professionally, including taking into account the wind rose, atmospheric and snow loads. Therefore, the finished roof advertising structure will easily endure even heavy winds.

In terms of cost, the roof advertising structure for the cafe building shown in the photo is quite comparable to the price of a large signboard. The cost of its manufacture is formed from the cost of rather expensive materials that are required for production. It’s plastic and lighting. But the visibility of the roof structure will be better. It looks more impressive and more striking.

How can I further arrange the roof structure

Since the installation of three-dimensional letters is not limited to the facade, it is also possible to install signboards with motion elements on the roof. First of all, spinning objects. This is an inexpensive and very effective addition. For example, a star ball rotating around its axis attracts passers-by well.

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