Roof advertising structures

Roof advertising structures – the most effective, but expensive advertising

If you need outdoor advertising of large sizes, then roof advertising structures are the best option. They have features due to installation conditions. First of all, this is due to the windage effect, which implies that the structure cannot be solid, otherwise it will take on an exceptional wind load and become unusable.

What technologies are used and the cost of such an order

For this reason, three-dimensional letters are most often installed on roofs, respectively, the cost increases not only due to the size and installation features, but also due to more expensive manufacturing technology and materials. In other words, rooftop advertising structures are an expensive pleasure by default, but very effective and memorable.

If you want to save money, then it is better to choose an architectural sign. Of course, the issue of budget cuts remains open, since in this case there is no windage, there is no engineering design for installation taking into account these conditions, but there are some features that also affect the cost. Of course, in the direction of increase. In general, large outdoor advertising is not only the most effective advertising, but also the most expensive. But here Coca-Cola has managed to become famous all over the world, including thanks to such unique advertising structures that can be seen in Times Square in New York.

Benefits of mega-constructions in outdoor advertising

Mega-constructions in advertising are very popular with banks, large insurance companies, retailers, that is, those who want to globally declare their presence in the market. Of course, the installation of such advertising in several cities provides instant brand recognition. In other words, if you want to improve the company’s goodwill and also promote your brand, then all you really need to do is to install mega-structures to achieve brand parameters.

Should we expect an increase in revenue?

After the installation of roof advertising structures, many customers expect a surge in traffic and, as a result, an increase in revenue. Whether there will be such an effect or not depends only on the characteristics of the brand. If mega-advertising is only to remind consumers that such a brand is on the market, and many people already know about it, of course, the number of buyers will increase. For example, if we are talking about a brand of pizza, cheese, wine or similar products. But in any case, brand awareness will improve. And, for example, even previously unknown producers of the product group will be able to experience an increase in sales in supermarkets. Since many people will want to try what it is about.

What should be preferred

If you are interested in rooftop outdoor advertising, then you need to use the services of a company that has sufficient experience in this type of signage. There are several key points in this question:

  • engineering calculations based on the practical component of the installation;
  • access to high quality and expensive materials at a big discount so that the client does not overpay for the service;
  • approval of the roof structure.

If you do not take this into account immediately or do not have experience in this particular direction of outdoor advertising, the manufacturing and installation work may be delayed. The design itself may not withstand the operating conditions. Be sure to specify the warranty repair in the contract when ordering outdoor advertising in large sizes.

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