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Do you do shop window dressing? Then we go to you

Window dressing is an easy way to attract shoppers

The attractiveness of showcases in shops is used in a big way by foreign salons. The design of shop window dressing not only on holidays has already become a tradition and an advertising strategy. It is the shop windows that you can look into, as well as the shopping streets along which you can just walk, that attract many citizens and tourists. It is this tactic that is pursued by owners who have decided to buy or rent expensive premises on a prestigious shopping street.

Window dressing is also relevant for boutiques located in shopping centers. Only in this case, the decoration area is larger and other principles are used. Showcases act not only as advertising space, they can be used to close the room behind a glass railing, pasting it with a film.

Create an immersive retail space

On the shopping streets of Paris or London, boutique owners are well aware of the need to capture the attention of passers-by and, as it were, draw them into the fabulous space of the store. The feeling that a potential buyer experiences is very close to the childish feeling of wanting miracles. It is for this reason that Christmas is popular not only with children, but also with adults. And it is during the Christmas days that the greatest sales are made.

shop window dressing

The bottom line is that by entering the store in high spirits, the buyer is more likely to make a purchase. It is the shop windows and the decoration of the store that can captivate him. If he also sees a suitable product, this will push him to an instant purchase.

How to decorate shop windows

When our agency starts discussing window dressing for a customer’s store, it’s immediately clear that we’re talking about more than wrapping film. Although this is exactly what the customer may want to get and save on this type of advertising. In the design of the showcase, of course, absolutely any decor can be used. Most often, original 3D compositions with backlight are used. They can be combined with decorative pasting of showcases or be a separate composition.

The advantage of contacting an outdoor advertising agency is organized work at an affordable cost. Stores don’t need to hire a designer, they just need to agree on a preliminary idea and a sketch to get the most effective outdoor advertising in the end. Good window dressing is attractive to potential buyers.

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