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Sign repair and restoration of advertising structures

How to make a budget sign repair

Timely sign repair will help to keep the design of outdoor advertising for quite a long time without the need to change the sign. In addition, it is the repair, and not the replacement of the advertising structure, that will have a more adequate cost than the manufacture of a new one. This is necessary in case of inadequate neighbors and hostilities, and the available parts can be useful in manufacturing and will save on costs.

What items need to be repaired

Any sign that has various damages is subject to repair. Even a conventional base construct can be used in the manufacture of a new advertising structure.

Our outdoor advertising agency carries out repair of signs with the following damage:

  • in case of failure of lighting equipment (backlighting) – LEDs and connection elements are replaced;
  • in case of plastic damage in light boxes and lightboxes;
  • in case of damage and burnout of the film;
  • in case of violations of the paint layer.

Specialists can determine the degree of damage to outdoor advertising and the possibility of its restoration. In any case, we will offer the best variant of the facade design, corresponding to the allocated advertising budget.
At the same time, virtually any sign can be restored and updated, which greatly simplifies the task of ordering new outdoor advertising for the owner of a store, cafe, office or restaurant.

Availability of materials

In some cases, when the supply of materials is difficult, as is the case, for example, during hostilities, damaged advertising structures can be dismantled and replaced with a temporary sign. It can be a lightbox, a neon sign, a plate, mobile structures, including pillars. Subsequently, they can be used with larger advertising elements.

How to repair a sign – you need to know

When repairing a sign, an internal examination of damage is first done, usually it is combined with dismantling. Please note that if you have an advertising structure installed above the 2nd floor, then you need to call a manipulator. This affects the cost of installing and dismantling the sign.

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