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Signboard with a canopy: premium facade advertising

Signboard with a canopy: savings or premium facade advertising?

Usually, among our customers, a sign with a canopy is perceived as a canopy with attached outdoor advertising. In terms of functions, this is exactly how it is implemented abroad, but technically, we are talking about a complex metal structure with forging elements in combination with the sign of the institution.

Such visors are sometimes gigantic in size and represent engineering structures, the installation of which requires serious calculations. But … the costs pay off. Such a sign with a canopy does not lose its appearance during the entire period of operation. She draws the attention of passers-by. Functionally, it closes the entrance to the institution from rain. Moreover, depending on the size, the canopy is also designed to shelter a parking space for approaching visitors.

Experiments with metal in outdoor advertising: modern eclecticism

When the first forged products appeared, marking the entrance to the tavern, it was not called outdoor advertising or a signboard. Such marks were just a guide, but were made from available materials. Those who wanted to decorate the entrance made metal decor in the form of curlicue patterns decorating the name.

Over time, it was necessary to make a canopy over the entrance so that arriving visitors, especially to fashionable establishments, could get out of the carriage onto a dry sidewalk without risking getting wet. In the last century, they were replaced by cars, but the function of the canopy has not changed. The original form remains. Moreover, the canopy is an engineering structure made of ferrous metal, covered with glass. This allows it to let in sunlight.

Such canopies with a sign can be found in many major cities in Europe and the USA, and they always look perfect. During installation, special attention is paid to fixing the structure, which is heavy and can become a threat to health and life for visitors.

Modern solutions

You can order a glass canopy in specialized companies. Some of them work with our outdoor advertising agency. Forged visors of various sizes and shapes are on free sale. They need to attach a sign in the appropriate style.

If you’re looking to install a large sign canopy but want to avoid the vintage pattern, aluminum and plexiglass come to the rescue. As a result, it is possible to design and install a light but massive canopy with outdoor advertising. If you need a complex facade installation or any type of outdoor advertising, please contact us. We will always advise you.



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