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Signage DIY are interesting

Is it possible to make good signage DIY

Today, our experts will give you some tips that you can repeat in practice and make signage DIY. We will talk about tools, materials and methods that are available in any home workshop, but will allow you to implement tasks yourself. If you need professional services, the outdoor advertising agency “Elite” will always be able to make and install outdoor advertising of any complexity in Kiev.

What can you make signs from?

Advertising designs can be made from anything that comes to hand. These can be pieces of metal, copper tubes, fittings, rails, furniture board. This is something you can find in your garage.

Plastic, LED tape and other devices are usually used to make signs to make a ready-made advertising structure. The principle of manufacture is quite simple, but in practice everything is not as simple as we would like people who are interested in signage DIY. If you still need such a design, we will tell you how to make it and enjoy it.


The option of making a signage DIY is acceptable not only for amateurs but also for professionals. It is generally believed that wooden signs should be carved, but this is not the case. From wood you can make three-dimensional letters, cover them with liquid plastic (varnish based on polystyrene “Silic”) with a transparent or pigmented base, make backlighting, and your sign will look like a product of an advertising agency.
It can be made entirely of furniture, cut out the image with a cutter and illuminate the inside with LEDs. You can place a neon tube (usually LED) on a wooden base and you will get a neon sign.

Wooden signs


From this material it is possible to make a sign by a method of cold forging. This will require bending the metal into the desired shape. Fastening of such sign is carried out on the pins fixed on base. Such signs are usually painted with metallic paint.


To make three-dimensional letters, you need to weld them out of metal, and fill the inner hollow part with a wooden blank, painted in any color. With a certain dexterity and invention, you can place an LED strip and make a backlight along the contour.

A popular type of sign is sheet metal, in which the image is cut by a cutter. Illumination is done on the lumen. In the afternoon, such a sign can also give an interesting shadow on the facade, which can also carry an information load.

Metal signs

Concrete (including marble finish)

A small sign as a sign can be poured from concrete. The same applies to volumetric letters. Do not forget to use basalt fiber to reinforce the product.

Concrete signs

Epoxy resin

You can use epoxy to create the necessary shapes from letters to the finished sign. If you learn this skill, then making outdoor advertising in this style can be a good income. We recommend that you try fluorescent paint so that you do not need to illuminate the structure in the dark.

Well, do you have any ideas, can you make beautiful signs with your own hands?


Our outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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