Smart LED Signage

Smart LED Signage – LED signs for shopping malls and brand stores. Review

Overview of modern Smart LED Signage – LED signs

The name Smart LED Signage, in fact, we are talking about Samsung’s digital display product line for store advertising purposes. These are ready-made products for interior design of shopping centers and shops, which allow you to implement almost any design in the chosen style. The advantage of this type of interior advertising is that only installation costs are required, you can choose any image that can be changed to another at any time.

P1.5 Indoor LED Signage IER Series Samsung


It should be noted that digital signage is offered only by Samsung, LG products are well known. These two companies occupy a significant share of the Digital Signage market, but less well-known brands are on sale, but no less interesting examples of digital advertising.

What is Smart LED Signage?

This is a large display with no frame, which allows you to mount digital panels end-to-end. As a result, you can get the effect of digital columns, walls or lightboxes. A significant part of the products is designed for interior use, but there are modules for use as outdoor advertising.

Интерьерная вывеска на основе LED

Samsung offers several types of signs for this purpose, they differ in color rendering technology, service interface and available display sizes. So, if you work with an interior advertising designer, you will have no difficulty in implementing your favorite ideas and transformations.

Samsung widescreen digital LED panels

This is one of the top products that allows you to increase the level of advertising content. According to the manufacturer, the advantage of Samsung large-format digital LED panels is the following qualities:

  • unique color rendition;
  • reliability and long-term operation;
  • simple modular installation.

With the help of such panels, you can design back offices, large retail areas and salon interiors.

UHD 4K Signage Samsung

Technical advantages

The displays are IP5x rated, run on TIZEN’s own operating system, with a built-in MagicINFO Player for operational efficiency in content management. They also have an anti-reflective surface, which improves visibility from anywhere in the room. Software has been developed that allows displaying an image on several displays at the same time end-to-end.


The displayed content can be personalized using the Business TV option and advertising can be rotated using the display up to 16 hours a day and 7 days a week.Видеостена для ритейла

Samsung Digital Walls

From this series, digital walls are also proposed, this is a panel that can be of any size and is made up of the required number of modules. The benefits of Samsung digital panels include:

  • very thin and almost invisible frame;
  • factory calibration.

The company also produces window advertising panels and interactive stands for workshops, training and small presentations, smart hotel displays and TV for rooms, large-format 4K signs, column displays, video city lights, video stands for ordering products in fast food and flexible video stands. Everything looks impressive, this is really a fundamental re-installation of the retail space.

LG SMART LED Signage is a worthy alternative to Samsung

LG offers a similar range of video signage with some differences. First of all, the focus is on flexible LED panels. Of these, you can create not only curvilinear mega-signs, but also make out round columns. Of course, a seamless output of any video content is guaranteed.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the new offers for video and digital advertising – this is the future that delights with its colors, emotions and vivid impressions.

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