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The most effective advertising is signs and the Internet

How to make a sign that will work. Or the most effective ad

In a military crisis, many customers are wondering what the most effective advertising looks like? At the moment, beautiful signs that attract attention are working effectively. And attention is not always proportional to investments in outdoor advertising. And, of course, the Internet.

In other words, signage at the point of sale and online advertising through the site are considered to be a working advertising package for any enterprise for sales promotion. The new site is not effective, passive types of promotion without boosting traffic will start to work more actively in about 1.5-2 years. That is, for sales, you will need a high-quality sign and a site that you will use when giving contextual advertising.

After a while, you will be able to promote the site, for example, to promote on Youtube. This is effective, but it is impossible to predict the response of the visitor, depending on the type of product being promoted, you may encounter the effect of “delayed purchase”. Therefore, it is better to advertise not only on large platforms, but also by keywords in the search engine. So the flow of potential customers will be more segmented.

How to make a sign effective?

Of course, most advertisers will tell you that the most effective advertising on the facade is large volume letters. In practice, sometimes everything turns out exactly the opposite. That investments in expensive outdoor advertising do not always pay off. While huge mega-letters or roof constructions grab the attention of passers-by and make the brand memorable, it doesn’t translate into increased sales.

Hinged facades with interesting illumination, three-dimensional letters in a street solution (installed at the sidewalk level or in a fountain), steles with three-dimensional letters or banner advertising work much more efficiently. The listed signs cost differently, but can effectively attract clientele. And more memorable will be a shadow sign or illuminated signs, which will cost quite inexpensively.

To get the most effective outdoor advertising of all the options for the “outdoor” of the surrounding stores, try to put yourself in the place of the buyer. What will attract you personally and encourage you not only to go to the store, but also to make a purchase?

Internet support in advertising

If you have a website, don’t forget to put a marker on Google maps with a photo of the store or establishment. Place on the site a photo sign for memorability, an interactive menu or a price list so that a potential visitor can understand what and for how much they can buy from you. Use augmented reality technology to send offers, that is, send push notifications to the phone of people passing by. Interesting approaches always encourage passers-by to react more attentively and buy. At the very least, your store will interest them and this will be the driving force behind the purchase. This is what the most effective advertising looks like.

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