Types of lightboxes: different shapes and attachments

Illuminated and side-mounted advertising structures: types of lightboxes

In modern advertising practice, the types of lightboxes are represented by a fairly wide product pool. They differ in shape and design as well as in the way they are produced. Some companies offer ready-made factory modules in standard sizes. Others make ready-made lightboxes themselves for applying the image. Outdoor advertising agency “Elite” has a mixed policy. You can order ready-made lightboxes from us by choosing a mounting method, and make products “on order”.

Choose lightbox by function

On the example of the entrance group, the types of outdoor advertising products with illumination are shown. Each of them, to one degree or another, can be attributed to lightboxes. This is what the name suggests that a lightbox is a kind of glowing box. It can be a sign with a name, an interwindow lightbox, a light wall, a sign on a bracket, and even a backlit outdoor advertising structure.

In Ukrainian practice, it is customary to refer to lightboxes as luminous signs mounted on side brackets. That is, if a customer talks about a lightbox, he is offered just such a design. But in fact, even the types of such lightboxes (with side mounts) are different. Vertical signs are considered a special case of such a solution.

Standard lightbox: round, square and rectangular

Depending on where you hang the lightbox, it will have different functions and may take different forms:

  • sign-level lightbox – such advertising signs are designed to get into the field of view of fast-moving passers-by. They usually don’t look up at the signs, but they will definitely see the lightbox in the side mount;
  • roof lightbox on 1-2 storey buildings is intended for viewing outdoor advertising from a distance;
  • the eye-level information lightbox is a variant of inter-window and window signs, but with a side mount. He draws the attention of passers-by who are in a hurry about their business.

The standard lightbox views differ in functionality depending on the viewing distance. Products can be round, square and rectangular. The highest price will be for round versions and complex shapes.

When ordering, it makes sense to clarify the thickness of the advertising structure, and what materials are used for the sign. A distinction is made between thin lightboxes and standard thickness products.

Lightbox mount

Side attachment can be implemented in different ways and have different designs. The options offered by our agency are shown in the photo. It is the mount that sometimes becomes the feature that attracts the attention of passers-by. The more interesting it is, the more people will remember well the name of the company, cafe, restaurant, salon or bureau.

The mount can be made in a retro style with a wrought iron finish.

Side-mounted lightboxes without illumination

This is an option for making a sign that resembles a traditional lightbox. The photo shows some examples, including wood signs.

Non-luminous lightboxes and signs with the name and logo to the light

This kind of lightbox is trending. Usually done in dark neutral colors. The box itself does not allow light to pass through. Only the name or elements of the brand name are highlighted in the light. This type of signage looks modern, stylish and elegant.

Light boxes: interwindow, vertical signs for shopping centers and other types

Lightboxes can decorate columns, be installed in window and inter-window openings. Dimensions and mounting methods may vary depending on functions. You can ask our managers what are the standard designs.

We have presented in constant sale the most popular types of lightboxes of running structures.


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