Vertical signage

Vertical signage: if there is not enough space on the facade

Imagine a situation when there is no place on the facade to place a sign of a company located on the second floor. However, the city’s design code does not provide for a suitable alternative. It exists and has proven its effectiveness abroad. This is a vertical sign that can be made small and gigantic. Today we will pay attention to this type of outdoor advertising.

Why is vertical signage good?

Vertically located outdoor advertising is good because it practically does not take up space on the facade. This type of advertising structure is ideal for historic buildings or if the owner wants to make a large sign. The advantage is that the façade is only damaged at the attachment points of the structure. This is generally well tolerated by the city’s architecture department and building owners.

How is a vertical sign made?

When manufacturing, one of the types of popular advertising structures is selected:

  • double-sided light box, while the vertical sign can have any volumetric shape – a cylinder, three-sided or hexagonal box, rotate;
  • volumetric letters and elements fixed on the base or facade;
  • flat structure with volumetric elements fixed on the corner of the building (see interesting corner signs).

All of the above designs will be attractive and interesting. At the same time, given the large size, it is imperative to consult with specialists so that the layout of the signboard is not recognized as interfering with traffic.

How to fix a vertical sign?

Typically, vertical signs are mounted like lightboxes on brackets. The structure and rigidity of the fastening are calculated based on the expected loads.

What is the optimal vertical sign design?

When calculating the load, engineers must give their recommendations. It is believed that the light box is subjected to greater loads than individual volumetric letters, subjected to less wind pressure, they suffer less from the wind effect. The best option for a vertical sign will still be the corner version of the overhead sign, rigidly fixed to the facade.

Vertical signage will be a suitable choice for business centers, banks, restaurants on the second and higher floors. They can be done with interactive and dynamic lighting. Please contact our managers if you are interested in such outdoor advertising.


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