What determines the price of an advertising sign

Advertising sign, light boxes and volumetric letters – price

Cost remains the cornerstone when ordering outdoor advertising. In a separate publication, we decided to list what determines the price of an advertising sign? First of all, from the structure itself, its size, type, type of installation and materials used for the production of outdoor advertising.

What factors affect the appearance of the sign

Separately, we covered the question of what materials for outdoor advertising are used by agencies and why prices differ. It is not always necessary to choose the cheapest offer, because the choice of raw materials for the production of signs may depend on this. The manufacturing margin is usually quite high for all agencies. This is due to the need to attract a number of specialists with various specializations.

An outdoor advertising agency that performs the work in a complex, performs signs for a store, cafe, bar, restaurant or office in accordance with the goals of promotion at points of sale:

  • an important factor is the review of advertising structures from any point of approach to the object – at the eye level of passers-by on the sidewalk or people looking at the sign from afar;
  • the visibility of the sign from all sides and the wishes of the customer are adjusted by the design code of the city. If there are no strict requirements, experts choose the middle option between the creative proposals of the designers and the possible norms of the architecture department;
  • requirements for the installation of the structure – in some cases, the owner of the building strictly limits the possibilities for installing signs on the facade. If it is not possible to make the usual outdoor advertising, you can advertise a store or institution using aesthetic lightboxes and portable mobile advertising structures.

Thus, a professional outdoor advertising agency with good customer reviews tracks:

  • a design project that meets the requirements of the city’s design code;
  • engineering structure, corresponding to the operating conditions of the sign and atmospheric loads;
  • selection of materials for outdoor advertising in accordance with the technical requirements for the order;
  • provides marketing services, implying obtaining the maximum effect of promoting outdoor advertising at points of sale.

You can familiarize yourself with our constant action to create entrance groups of signs for shops, cafes, offices, salons, restaurants and bars. The price will be lower if you order complex signs in Kiev. At a minimum, you save on the departure of the brigade and the call of manipulators and special equipment.

How the price for a sign is formed

The described complex of works, in general, creates a general understanding of the customer, for what he pays money. Many customers want to be told the price for a typical sample of outdoor advertising. However, this is not always possible, but only in the case of lightboxes, small neon signs, which can be purchased in RA “Elite” at the price of a ready-made sign. At the same time, make your own unique design.

In general, the price for a sign in Kiev consists of the following components:

  • the cost of outdoor advertising construction;
  • selected materials for the sign (read the detailed article on this topic);
  • work of the design bureau on the visual layout;
  • engineering inspection;
  • installation of signboards;
  • hourly cost of special equipment, if necessary;
  • lesson or extracurricular work of the assembly team;
  • terms of work.

If you need advice on the production of outdoor advertising of any complexity, please contact our agency right now.

Good luck with the promotion,

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