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Window stickers

Cute and unperfected for the effectiveness of window stickers

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the photo album, thanks to which you will understand that window stickers can quite notice the sign. This is how our outdoor advertising agency “Elite” offers to design a shop window to its customers with a tight budget and difficulties with the supply of materials.

What do window stickers go well with? Of course, with facade decor. The most interesting modern offer is considered to be signs for shops made on the basis of aluminum facade panels. The manufacturing principle is quite simple: the facade of a store or building is decorated with facade panels. In one of them, the company logo and name are milled, and LED lighting is installed from the inside. This approach in outdoor advertising is called an architectural sign.

But it looks most impressive when combined with window dressing with window stickers.

Do I need to do window dressing in the architecture department of the city?

Window stickers do not belong to facade advertising, therefore they are not subject to registration. With a logo placed on the facade panel, it is a bit more complicated, so coordination with the city architecture department is still required, but the process itself is quite fast and without any problems.

Sticker on the window instead of a facade sign

For large showcases, you can get by with a small facade sign and make the design using only stickers on the windows. There are two pluses in this approach – on the one hand, the shop window and the facade are decorated, on the other hand, the stickers act as a signboard and curtains.

Window stickers instead of signs:

  • it’s profitable;
  • it is non-trivial;
  • it’s fast;
  • It is ideal for rented retail space in shopping malls.

Can window decals be replaced?

You can change the design of your showcase every season, keeping the overall style, which will become recognizable over time. If the owner of the retail space is against the installation of a sign and cladding with facade panels. There is no problem, you can arrange a showcase. In this case, signs with a minimum number of fasteners on the facade are also suitable. These can be lightboxes and signs with two attachment points.

Your outdoor advertising agency “Elite”.

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