Wood signs

How can wood signs decorate your fasade?

A little more than half a century ago, the progenitors of outdoor advertising specialists had only a couple of materials at their disposal to create signs. The most popular were, of course, wood and metal. Wooden signs have not lost their relevance to this day. Outdoor advertising, volumetric letters and elements are made of wood or plywood. They are complemented by backlighting for a modern look.

Wooden signs look good in the interior and create a “warm” color in the room. Interior solutions in wood are ideal for cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Tips: how to choose the design and manufacturing technology of wooden signboards

In the manufacture of wooden outdoor advertising, carpentry tools are usually used. But, as in outdoor advertising, milling remains the core process of material processing. Unlike plastic, it can be replaced with hand-carved wood.

Volumetric forms of wood from bent elements

In the manufacture of volumetric forms, you can borrow the technology of manufacturing bent elements. This is done by notching or gluing thin lamellas to the desired shape. This is how the strong, but at the same time very graceful legs of the Viennese chairs were made. In this technique, you can make a company sign in combination with milled wooden volumetric letters. Backlighting in this case is performed by backlighting.

Signboard made of a wooden board with milled letters to the light

Another rather simple version of a wooden sign resembles the technology of manufacturing a non-illuminated sign with illuminated holes, which are made in the form of milled letters. This is one of the most popular types of signs in outdoor advertising due to its stylish appearance and low manufacturing cost.

Glow fluorescent sign without backlight

Want an illuminated sign but not spend money on electricity? Now you are sure that RA “Elite” offers a new service “Signs on solar cells”. However, it is not. In this case, we are talking about filling the milled holes with epoxy resin with the addition of a fluorescent dye. Such outdoor advertising will glow in the dark, while creating an interesting flavor. The disadvantages of this type of “backlighting” can be attributed to a small brightness, but even in this case, such advertising attracts attention.

Interesting wood signs from various designers

Imitations of a lightbox without illumination, various signs above the entrance of bars, cafes, restaurants and hotels are made of wood. This is a very popular form of facade decoration in rural establishments, where the outdoor advertising itself is kept in the interior style.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with a series of interesting signs made of wood.

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