Outdoor advertising for supermarkets

Outdoor Advertising for Supermarkets: Basic Interior Signage Package

Currently, the average supermarket area reaches 1000 sq. meters of the trading floor. For the convenience of orienting buyers, various signs and signs are used, which represent a basic package of interior signs. Outdoor advertising for supermarkets is diverse. Signs, lightboxes, signage, dividers, billboards and digital signage can be installed inside a single store. The better the advertising inside the store is thought out, the more purchases are made by the visitors.

Наружная и интерьерная реклама для супермаркетов
Outdoor and indoor advertising for supermarkets

Supermarket outdoor advertising starts with a street sign

Street sign is the most important element of supermarket outdoor advertising. It is usually executed as a mixed function mega construct. The complex of advertising products on the street solves the problem of lighting, sign. With the help of a roof structure or stele, they attract buyers from a great distance. For convenience, several entrances can be made to large rooms, the thematic purpose of which is marked with light boxes, city lights or individual signs at the entrance.

Shop sign inside the shop

Usually we are talking about special signs of departments inside supermarkets. Butcher shop, pastry shop or milk stand, any of the activities should be highlighted. This is done with illuminated and non-illuminated signage, depending on the lighting conditions in the store.

Advertising luminous columns and walls

Lightboxes as space dividers in interior and exterior advertising for supermarkets are almost a novelty. Captured images will help to provide advertising support for the sale of a product for the promotion and offer advertising planes to distributors.

Digital signage

Digital signage on LED panels is increasingly common in supermarkets. They can display a static or dynamic image. The image may change depending on the customer if the panel works, for example, in conjunction with a HIKVISION camera. The most popular are small digital signs placed next to a particular product. Digital walls remain the most expensive products; this type of digital outdoor advertising equipment is more popular with shopping centers.

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